Can I pick up items from your distribution centre?2013-12-01T22:13:05+10:00

iCUFFLINKS does not offer a parcel pick up service.  All cufflinks are delivered through Australia Post to ensure quick and safe delivery.

When will my International Post delivery arrive?2013-12-01T22:12:21+10:00

iCUFFLINKS order delivered by International Post will be delivered within 3-10 business days.

When will my Standard Post delivery arrive?2013-12-01T22:11:14+10:00

iCUFFLINKS orders delivered by Standard Post will be delivered within 2-4 business days.

When will my Express Post delivery arrive?2013-12-01T22:10:13+10:00

iCUFFLINKS orders delivered by Express Post will be delivered to metropolitan areas the next business day.  In other areas, delivery may take 2-3 days.

Do you charge for delivery?2016-03-31T20:58:38+10:00

iCUFFLINKS orders under the value of $50 will be charged a delivery fee of $5 for Standard Post and $10 for Express Post (unless otherwise stated as part of an offer).  All international orders will be charged a fee of $20.

Do you offer free delivery?2016-03-31T20:59:39+10:00

Australian iCUFFLINKS orders over $50 will be delivered free of charge.

When will orders be dispatched?2016-03-31T20:53:44+10:00

iCUFFLINKS dispatch all cufflink orders next business day.

How are your products delivered?2013-12-01T22:06:29+10:00

iCUFFLINKS delivers all cufflinks through Australia Post.

Where are your cufflinks delivered from?2016-03-31T20:54:55+10:00

iCUFFLINKS delivers all of their cufflinks from their distribution centre based in Brisbane, Australia.

I don’t know if my payment has been accepted, what should I do?2013-12-01T22:04:58+10:00

Check your inbox (and junk mail) for a tax invoice, or send us an email at sales@icufflinks.com.au.

How secure is your website?2013-12-01T22:04:13+10:00

iCUFFLINKS has a Comodo SSL Certificate installed on their website.  The SSL Certificate offers the highest level of encryption (256 bit) to secure all transaction information.

How secure is your payment processing?2013-12-01T22:02:51+10:00

All iCUFFLINKS payments are processed through PayPal.  iCUFFLINKS does not process or store any credit card information on our site.

How are payments processed through iCUFFLINKS?2013-12-01T22:02:07+10:00

All payment processing on the iCUFFLINKS site is conducted through PayPal’s secure payment processing service.

What payment methods does iCUFFLINKS accept?2013-12-01T22:01:28+10:00

iCUFFLINKS accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

Do you charge any sales tax?2013-12-01T22:00:48+10:00

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is included in all of iCUFFLINKS prices.

What currency is the pricing displayed on your website?2013-12-01T22:00:08+10:00

All products displayed on the iCUFFLINKS website are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

What products does iCUFFLINKS return and refund policy apply to?2013-12-01T21:59:16+10:00

The return and refund policy applies to all iCUFFLINKS products.

Do I have to pay for the return postage?2013-12-01T21:58:38+10:00

The return postage costs are as the expense of the customer (except when cufflinks are damaged in transit).

Do you offer a money back guarantee?2013-12-01T21:57:52+10:00

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back to iCUFFLINKS within 7 days for a full refund.  The cufflinks must be returned to iCUFFLINKS in its original condition and undamaged.

Do you offer customised cufflinks?2013-12-01T21:56:58+10:00

iCUFFLINKS currently does not offer customised cufflinks.

How are your cufflinks packaged?2016-03-31T21:03:13+10:00

iCUFFLINKS provides a free gift box with all cufflinks ordered (unless otherwise stated as part of a discounted offer).

Are all the cufflinks on the iCUFFLINKS web site in stock?2013-12-01T21:55:28+10:00

Al l of the cufflinks displayed on the iCUFFLINKS website are available for delivery on the day an order is placed.

Can I contact iCUFFLINKS by phone?2016-03-31T21:01:07+10:00

You can contact iCUFFLINKS during office hours on 0404 038 604.

What are iCUFFLINKS business hours?2013-12-01T21:50:09+10:00

iCUFFLINKS is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except on public holidays).

Where is iCUFFLINKS located?2016-03-31T21:02:13+10:00

Our distribution centre is based in Brisbane, Australia.


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